Adam Spontarelli

Some things I've done in the maker community

Space Balloon

Spring 2015

Arduino, foam, latex

alt text

Regardless of how cliche this project has become, everyone should still do it. What an adventure.

This was a collaboration with some friends to compete in the 2015 Global Space Balloon Challenge. I worked primarily on the tracker, using plans from the Trackuino, an Arduino controlled APRS tracker. Five professional engineers, including myself, worked on this project. We lost the balloon. It was probably my fault, but when asked, I blame the lack of APRS repeater infrastructure in the area.

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I'm terrible at giving up, so I ended up doing this project again with a group of students at Vector Space. They did a much better job, successfully retrieved their capsule, and ended up winning third place for best video. I probably can't take much credit for their success, but when asked, I take credit. See their video below.